Illustration Focus - Level One

Illustration Career Focus - Level One


Student Goals:
Students will use all of the skills they have developed to begin producing a strong career focus illustration portfolio

Build a career-focused portfolio.

Student Objectives:

Provided with multiple lectures, examples, study guides, guided practices, and student resources, the students will be able to build a career focused portfolio by producing 4 completed illustration projects that demonstrate the industry standard of concept to a final design.



601 - Research the history of advertising design.

602 - Apply elements and principles of design.

603 - Interpret a creative or design brief.


Career Path: Advertising Design, Fine Artist, Illustration, Game Design & Photography/Video

901- Prepare and present a portfolio.

902 - Prepare and present a visual concept presentation.

903 - Estimate time and/or materials for a project.

905 - Matte and mount works of art.

906 - Participate in critiques of commercial art projects.

907 - Explore current industry trends.

509 - Utilize use of input, output and storage devices.

510 - Utilize different file formats correctly.

511 - Organize and manage digital files.



What kind of jobs will you do as an illustrator? The possibilities are almost endless.You’ll create pictures for books, magazines, blogs, e-zines and any number of types of publications. You’ll work with commercial products and design textiles, greeting cards, wrapping paper and invitations. You’ll use a computer and scan your drawings in to add color or use a graphics tablet and pen to draw directly into the computer. You can choose to work as a medical and scientific illustrator, and create 2- and 3-dimensional anatomical and molecular illustrations, or in criminal justice where you’ll create age-progression illustrations or work as a sketch artist.

It’s important to note that your illustrator job description will include more than just creating artwork. You will also spend time doing the following:

  • Communicating with customers

  • Brainstorming and creating drafts of ideas

  • Creating a project timeline and meeting deadlines

  • Working with printers or others to ensure the quality of the final product

Section 1: Character Development

Client / Client contact information:
Kelloggs Cereal

“Sea Hunt” Cereal

Background / Overview:
Kellogg's is in the process of branding a new cereal called “Sea Hunt” the idea is that they will have basic sea shapes as the main part and all of the marshmallows will be sharks, treasure chests, boats,  gold coins and scuba diver. The character they want to focus in on for the box and personality is a great white shark.

What is the objective, the purpose of the illustration?
They want the shark to appear to be a smug personality... NOT SCARY.  Think of Bruce from “Finding Nemo” His goal is to not let you get to the treasure
that he guards.

What do we want to say?
Kelloggs need a character developed that they can us during testing to see if the personality for the shark is fit for children's cereal.

Target Market?
Kids 5 to 13 years old

Additional info & insights:
Kelloggs has planned a quick launch for this product but there is the rumor that there is another type of cereal coming out with a hammerhead shark as its main focus.

Production Information and Job Specs:
Need a final color rendering of the shark in two different positions and personality for testing.


Section 2: Figure Development

Client / Client contact information:
Sports Doctors Inc.

Mural Painting for front office

Background / Overview:
The Doctors office has a space of 20 feet wide 10 feet high that they want to have an illustration of figures in motion but they do not want it to be any one sports specific. They just want it to be, figures in action positions that show speed
flexibility and activity.

What is the objective, the purpose of the Illustration?
Looking for original ideas for the wall after the final comp is approved they would like the artist to paint and sign the work.

What do we want to say?
Looking for a specific style that will fit the personality of the office, fun, energetic,and passionate about their work.

Target Market?
25 to 60 years old - athletes specifically

Additional info & insights:
This is a high-end office and needs to fit the interior of the space

Production Information and Job Specs:
Need to work to scale of 20” x 10” scale of the wall


Section 3: Editorial Illustration


Client / Client contact information:
Time Magazine

Illustration to go along with a student drop-outs magazine article

Background / Overview:
It has been known for many years that young people who don't complete high school face many more problems in later life than do people who graduate.  While national leaders have demanded that schools, communities, and families make a major effort to retain students, the dropout rate remains high.  A report from the Educational Testing Service, One-Third of a Nation: Rising Dropout Rates and Declining Opportunities, warns little is being done to stem rising dropout rates and their economic costs.
Students drop out for many reasons, some which may even seem like good
ones at the time — to help out their families or to start new ones, for example — and their decisions may be supported by the people closest to them in the
belief that they have no choice.  But the consequences of leaving can be great, and there are  many concrete things that schools and families can do to help students stay in school, or get an alternative education, and also meet their personal responsibilities.

What is the objective, the purpose of the Illustration?
The illustration needs to get the point a crossed that this issue is becoming a serious problem in the united states.

Target Market?
10 to 18-year-old - Students and their parents

Production Information and Job Specs:
The Illustration should be done in full color and take up the entire space of the left-hand side of a page spread 11” x 17”  final layout leave room for type and article

Section 4: Pen & Ink

Client / Client / Client contact information:
Marvel Comics

Illustration of a new character named the Brooklyn Brawler”

Background / Overview:
The Brooklyn Brawler is an underground character that comes out at night to protect the innocent, although he does a good thing for the city of Brooklyn he’s wanted by the police for the murder of mayor 15 years ago in which he was framed.

What is the objective, the purpose of the Illustration?
Character testing for marketability in the collector's world.

What do we want to say?
The character has a dark side to him and he is most know for carrying a
baseball bat that is modified for a one shot shotgun blast.

Target Market?
 16 to 25 years old - serious collectors

Additional info & insights:
The Brooklyn Brawler is expected to be a large and powerful man

Production Information and Job Specs:
Rendering needs to be developed to fit an 8.5” by 11” page
Final needs to be done in ink.

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Students must be prepared to make a major commitment. It is our assumption that students entering the program are here to lay a foundation for a career in a design field and will be required to meet rigorous and stringent standards. Strong communication skills, both verbal and written, are required as is the ability to read and analyze. Serious students will find that the program will provide them with an excellent opportunity to develop the skills necessary to succeed in the job market or advance in education. _Most of the students graduating from the program _continue their education.


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