English 101 - The Standard Paragraph

The Standard Paragraph:
This main idea is expressed through three sections of a paragraph:
1. Beginning - Introduce your idea. - Sentence #1
2. Middle - Explain your idea. - Sentences #2, #3, & #4
3. End - Make your point again, transition to next paragraph. - Sentence #5

There are four sentence types used to construct a paragraph:
1. Topic sentence
One sentence which states your idea, point, or opinion. This sentence should use a strong verb and make a bold statement.

2. Supporting sentences
Supporting sentences (notice the plural) provide explanations and support for the topic sentence (main idea) of your paragraph.

3. Concluding sentence
The concluding sentence restates the main idea (found in your topic sentence) and reinforces the point or opinion.

4. Transitional sentence
The transitional sentence prepares the reader for the following paragraph.



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