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Principles Of Art & Design

Lecture & Vocabulary

Sketchbook Activity

Shading The Hair.

Drawing The Hair.png


01 Backdrop
Most backdrops come in the form of a roll of paper. They're available in a variety of sizes and colors. You'll need support stands and a pole to keep the backdrop in place. If you don't have one, try a large sheet or piece of fabric. Black velvet is a great choice, it has light-absorbing qualities and gives a nice rich black.

02 Main light
Use this with a diffuser, like a softbox. A softbox softens the light so the shadows are less harsh, and gives window-shaped catchlights in the eyes. The angle, height and distance of the main light are vital to getting the look you want. The power of the flash is controlled using buttons on the flash head.

03 Camera
You'll need to connect your camera to the studio lights. This can be done through a sync cable (if your SLR has a PC socket) or with wireless triggers. In a controlled environment like a studio you're best off switching to Manual mode.

04 Hair light
The second light is positioned behind the model with a snoot attached. The snoot concentrates the light, and here we've got it pointing at the hair. Not only does this light the hair, it creates a separation from the background.

05 Reflector
A reflector is used to bounce light back from the main light into the shaded side of the subject's face. This ensures the shadow is still there to define the shape of the face but isn't too dark. See the opposite page for more on reflectors.

06 Model
If you don't have a friend or family member you want to photograph you can often find willing models via networking websites such as Model Mayhem andPurple Port.

07 Tripod

Tripods are used to keep cameras in place during a shoot. They are typically used in both portrait and product shoots when the model or product is still. Great to use when shooting multiple products on the same background, for example, athletic shoes.

Sign-Out Activity

Video Art - Hypoxia