Students must be prepared to make a major commitment. It is our assumption that students entering the program are here to lay a foundation for a career in a design field and will be required to meet rigorous and stringent standards. Strong communication skills, both verbal and written, are required as is the ability to read and analyze. Serious students will find that the program will provide them with an excellent opportunity to develop the skills necessary to succeed in the job market or advance in education. _Most of the students graduating from the program _continue their education.

Steve Bross

Commercial Art Instructor


Central Montco Technical High School

821 Plymouth Road

Plymouth Meeting, PA 19462



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1st/15 Minutes: You Know The Drill
Bathroom, Lockers, Finish Food and Be Ready For Class (Shirt, Sketchbook & Pencils, Colored Pencils & Markers)


2nd/15 Minutes: Quick Start
Complete the Quick Start Activity (A Quick Assignment or Task Will Be On The Smartboard For You To Complete)



3rd/15 Minutes:  Topic Name
Lecture - Topic, Theory, Lesson Overview or Discussion





Test Date - 2nd Wednesday




Section Project:  Project Name Link
Lecture - Topic, Theory, Lesson Overview or Discussion


Progress Check - Wednesday - 30% Of Grade

Due Date - 2nd Friday




Grading Rubric Links:


In-Class Project - Click Here


In-Class Photography Project - Click Here


Two Week Homework Assignment - Click Here

Studio Photography Assignment:
Project Name: ?? Mystery Object ??

Project Overview: What could it be !?! It could be anything! It could be food, fuzzy things, pointy things, spare parts, stuff I find outside.....


Assignment: In this assignment you are going photograph whatever I put in front of you and make a collage out of it. Use everything you've learned throughout the year doing these projects to make an interesting collage. Remember what you've learned: composition, color, Macro, texture, cropping, etc. to take the objects to the next level. Make sure the techniques you've learned fit the subject matter of the items I've given you.


Specifications: 11"X17" @150 DPI Horizontal or Vertical using Photoshop. All images MUST be corrected (color, cropping, etc) in Photoshop before using them in your final layout. See the sample images below for layout. You must take a minimum of 5 images for your collage




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