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Sketchbook Activity

Performance Art

Performance is a genre in which art is presented "live," usually by the artist but sometimes with collaborators or performers. It has had a role in avant-garde art throughout the 20th century, playing an important part in anarchic movements such as Futurism and Dada. Indeed, whenever artists have become discontented with conventional forms of art, such as painting and traditional modes of sculpture, they have often turned to performance as a means to rejuvenate their work. 

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Lecture & Vocabulary

How to choose the best type of lighting

—Portraiture- You can use continuous lighting or strobe, but strobe is usually the best choice since it doesn’t get hot and make the model uncomfortable. Also, you can take pictures much quicker and at higher shutter speeds. This is especially useful when photographing children.


—When photographing people, there are a variety of different ways to light your photograph. Light can be used to flatter and soften the subject, or you can use hard light to enhance facial features.

—You can also use lighting to create the mood of the image. It can be lit in a dramatic fashion with high contrast, and you can use very little light to show sorrow or intimacy. It’s important to know which type of lighting to use to achieve these effects. Continuous light is preferred for darker and images that portray strong emotion. Strobe is used for traditional portraits and fashion.

—Remember, these are suggestions to get you started. Every situation is different. Planning is everything!

—Commercial or product- Over the last few years, continuous lighting has become the preferred method of lighting for small to medium product photography because it is more economical than strobe. A lot of small products posted to the web are shot with this type of lighting. For larger products such as furniture, appliances and machinery, strobe provides the necessary power needed for proper exposure.

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