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Though never a coherent group, Realism is recognized as the first modern movement in art, which rejected traditional forms of art, literature, and social organization as outmoded in the wake of the Enlightenment and the Industrial Revolution. Beginning in France in the 1840s, Realism revolutionized painting, expanding conceptions of what constituted art. Working in a chaotic era marked by revolution and widespread social change, Realist painters replaced the idealistic images and literary conceits of traditional art with real-life events, giving the margins of society similar weight to grand history paintings and allegories. Their choice to bring everyday life into their canvases was an early manifestation of the avant-garde desire to merge art and life, and their rejection of pictorial techniques, like perspective, prefigured the many 20th-century definitions and redefinitions of modernism.

Line: an actual or implied mark, path, mass, or edge, where length is dominant.

Form: the volume and shape of a three-dimensional work, perhaps including unfilled

areas that are integral to the work as a whole.

Lecture & Vocabulary

Shooting RAW is a term widely used by professional photographers. Throughout the year, we learn about and use many types of formats that are required by industry. Many of the files are described by the extension used at the end of the filename, for example "smartphone.jpg" the ".jpg" extension stands for "Joint Photographic Expert Group", which is the group responsible for creating this format. Almost all low and mid-level point and shoot cameras and Smartphones use this format and it generally works really well. As Photographers though, we have to take it to the next level and shoot RAW format.

Shooting in a RAW format is just that, a raw, uncompressed, and untouched image where the computer is told to make no corrections to improve it. "Why would anyone want to do that?" you're asking? Because pro's like to do their own corrections based on what they know about photography like lighting, white and color balance, shadow and detail, etc. People that just want to take pics and don't know anything about photography use JPEG, which is a format that does all the work for you. It color corrects, compresses, sharpens and puts in a format thats smaller, easier to use, and can be sent over computer networks.

As a photographer you should always aim to “get it right in camera.” As a self-taught photographer I know that this can be difficult at first. This is why shooting in Raw is essential.

You get a second chance to get it right—first chance when you take the picture; second chance when you edit the picture inside the Raw converter.


S8 - DAY TWO - Photography - RAW Format

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