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Sketchbook Activity

Gesture Drawing The Figure

Dawraing Gestural.png

Line: an actual or implied mark, path, mass, or edge, where length is dominant.

Form: the volume and shape of a three-dimensional work, perhaps including unfilled

areas that are integral to the work as a whole.

Lecture & Vocabulary

Strobe lighting is simply a very powerful flash. There is no constant heat from the lights. If your model moves it will not cause blur as the strobe will freeze the movement. Also, you can handhold the camera. —Strobes however, do not give you an EXACT preview of how your final lighting will look on your subject, but the modeling light function will be very close. Strobes are most often used with people photography.


One of the many advantages of using strobes is all of the available accessories to create a variety of lighting techniques and effects.There are hundreds of modifiers for the lights such as umbrellas and soft-boxes and grids and snoots and on and on, but there are still just two basic lighting methods. These add-ons control and modify the light to suit the needs of the photographer and the type of work they’re shooting. Soft-boxes are used to soften the light which is very useful for portrait photography. Snoots and barn doors aim and concentrate the light coming off the light head.






—There are really just two main types... Continuous and Strobe. They each have their pros and cons.


—Continuous lights- sometimes called hot lights, are a "what you see is what you get" type of lighting. However, they live up to their name as they have to be very bright and get very hot. Your subject can become uncomfortable. Also, your subject must remain still or there can be blurry images as a result. It's called continuous because the lights stay on the whole time.


You usually have to mount the camera on a tripod. These lights are usually used for commercial product type photography and almost exclusively in Video. With the emergence of CFL, or Compact Fluorescent Lighting, reduced energy bulbs, the lights don’t have to be “Hot” anymore. CFL are higher efficiency and run cooler. They are also color balanced, which means the bulbs are set to a particular white balance to remove the color cast from other types of lighting.


Within the last few years, LED, or Light Emitting Diode lighting is becoming increasingly popular as the price continues to drop. LED lighting is a form of Continuous lighting that doesn't require the use of a glass bulb like CFL. This is a great choice for Videographers and Photographers that setup at multiple locations where lights can't be knocked over and bulbs get broken. LED is also more compact and a typical LED light is the size of an eraser tip. In the image below on the right, many individual LED's are used to create one large panel. Also, these lights give off very little heat so no more sweaty models or hot shooting setups, which comes in handy when shooting ice cream.



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