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Lecture & Vocabulary

Our studio uses two types of lighting equipment, Monolights, and pack run lights. It is important to learn both types of lighting not only to be able to work in our studio, but other studios as a future professional. The other important part of this section is to know how to make the strobes go off. There are a few ways to do this that include slave made, wired triggering, and wireless. Our studio uses only wireless transmitters, but it is important to know all three in case you do not have a wireless transmitter. Below are tutorials on how to setup up your strobe lights and how to use them along with connecting your camera to use them.


We currently use the Flashpoint and Promaster series Monolights. These are like many common Monolights out there today. If you can learn to use these lights, you should be able to learn other types of Monolights. As mentioned before, these lights have the power pack built into the light itself and require no power pack although you still have to plug each Monolight into the wall or buy an external battery for location/outdoor work. Here is a review of the light and basic operations.

Our Large Shooting table station uses a Speedotron brand power pack that powers three lights. These lights do not generate their own power and must be plugged into the power pack, which then plugs into the wall. This type of lighting is great for table top shooting especially when the light is high up and above the subject because you can make power adjustments to the pack instead of climbing up on a ladder and doing it manually. Here's a brief tutorial on how they work.

Our studio currently uses wireless transmitters that use radio frequencies. Each Monolight and Power pack is connected to one with a receiver. The transmitter is attached to the camera you are taking your pictures with. Each transmitter has a number that matches the stations' receivers. Each set is on its own "channel" since multiple sets are working at the same time. As long as the transmitters aren't on the same channel,they wont set off another stations' lights. For example, Transmitter on Set 1 is set to "A1" while set 2 is "B2". Since the transmitters are 4 channels, there are 4 combinations you can use.


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