Provided with multiple lectures, examples, study guides, guided practices, and student resources, the students will be able to demonstrate an understanding of computer design software (rasterized image artwork - Adobe Photoshop) by producing a completed digital photo manipulation project that show the use of 8 or more tools. (i.e.; type tool, path tool, clone tool, etc.)


Adobe Photoshop – Hours: 20

Student Goals:
Students will use the Adobe Photoshop software to create pieces related to the art and design field.

Adobe Photoshop is one three software pieces every student must know.

Student Objectives:

Adobe Photoshop
Provided with multiple lectures, examples, study guides, guided practices, and student resources, the students will be able to demonstrate an understanding of computer design software (rasterized image artwork - Adobe Photoshop) by producing a completed digital photo manipulation project that shows the use of 8 or more tools. (i.e.; type tool, path tool, clone tool, etc.)


501 Execute image scanning procedures.

502 Identify the properties of vector and raster images.

509 - Demonstrate use of input, output and storage devices.
510 - Demonstrate appropriate use of different file formats.


Career Path: Fine Artist, Illustration

101 - Identify career paths within the vocational profession.

102 - List occupational requirements.

103 - Demonstrate research and organizational skills.

Exploratory Project:

Soft Pastels

S7 Level 1.png



The Return of Vinyl Records!

Vinyl records, a format that was once considered old and outdated is now new and trendy again. Over the last 10 years, there has been a large increase in vinyl album sales due to collectors of classic vinyl as well as today's popular music artists offering their new recordings on limited edition vinyl. Equally as important are the advances in technology like USB record players that play and record vinyl albums to MP3 format making old recordings into a new clearer, digital format. Personally, I like the hiss and crackle of the original vinyl recordings...


Assignment 1: Idea
Research, Brainstorming, and Roughs. You are responsible to submit thumbnails and rough sketches to give the instructor an idea of what you want to accomplish. You must hand in multiple thumbnails and then a completed rough from your best idea selected by you and the instructor. You cannot move on to Assignment 2: until this is complete. Take a look at new vinyl records as well as class designs from famous artists. This is the time to think of what genre/artist you're going to focus on. You have a variety of choices:

  • Hip-Hop/Rap

  • Classic/Hard Rock/Metal

  • R&B/Blues

  • Pop/Top 40

  • Etc, Etc

You must also consider the type of album:

  • A greatest hits album  

  • A follow-up to an existing album

  • Rare tracks/B-sides

  • Theme album (Live recording/Concept/Soundtrack/Holiday or Party)


Assignment 2: Create your album!

Once you have you idea, it's time to design. Create your album designs using Photoshop, Illustrator, and even hand drawn images that can be scanned in.You can also use Photography to combine with other mediums. You are only limited by your imagination. YOU MUST USE AT LEAST 2 MEDIUMS. For example:

  • You can use a drawing scanned into Photoshop and adding filters to the images (drawing + computer)

  • Finding images online and bringing them into Illustrator to draw on top of (photo + illustrator)

  • You can take photographs and do creative effects in Photoshop (photo + photoshop)


Assignment 3: Final Layout

Take your various designs and create a final presentation with all of you pieces on one document. Be creative, maybe you can find pictures of record shops or record players on a table to put into your final design.



Goal - Complete the final ad to the level of professional finish. This level of work is what is called your final design and layout, this should be done at your best level...PORTFOLIO

- The Album front and back sizes are 12"X12" inches square @ 150dpi

- If you're making a record sleev you need to find a high-resolution image of a record. The record and sleeve are also 12"X12" @ 150dpi

- For the poster design, it is on 11"X17" paper. The file size is 11"X17" @150dpi.

- Stock Images can be pulled from the Web and need to be at least 1000 pixels wide or high

- Photoshop may be used to enhance the photo's you take or get from the Internet

- You must combine multiple mediums (ex: traditional art + computer)

- Combine your designs into one final presentation on an 11"X17" paper. The file size is 11"X17" @150dpi.






Album Cover Front and Back + Record with Sleeve

Create an image for the front of the album. It should include the band name on the front. You will also create a design for the back of the album. The design can carry over from the front or be different. For example, the band can be on the front and the back can have pictures a concert hall they recorded the album at. You must have a song list that includes an "A" and "B" side. 4 to 6 songs for each side will do fine. In addition to creating the front and back of your album, you also need to create a record sleeve that the record fits into to prevent scratches. The theme of the sleeve should be the same as the front and back of the album and you want to have a record near or coming out of the sleeve to show what it's for. Do not copy the front of your album and paste it on the sleeve!



Internet promotional Splash Page + T-Shirt + Billboard Design

If you have the time you may continue on with this campaign.

The web pages must be 1920X1080 pixels @72dpi.

The Billboard size is 8"X16" inches @150Dpi


Activity - Draw a still life that has material or clothing draped Due at the end of the block This project requires a lot of detail and time to do if it is not done with a lot of detail then your drawing will not look like it s a soft cloth material but look like mud or object unknown.


Students must be prepared to make a major commitment. It is our assumption that students entering the program are here to lay a foundation for a career in a design field and will be required to meet rigorous and stringent standards. Strong communication skills, both verbal and written, are required as is the ability to read and analyze. Serious students will find that the program will provide them with an excellent opportunity to develop the skills necessary to succeed in the job market or advance in education.


See Detailed Rubric Information

Experimental Project:
Project Name: Soft Pastels

Project Overview: 

Soft pastel sticks do become dusty or dirty when transporting, so carry a cloth to wipe them off before pastel drawing. It's generally easier to work on a toned surface rather than on pure white. You can buy toned paper, or tone it yourself using an acrylic or watercolor wash.


To prevent over blending and smudging when pastel drawing you can use a mist of fixative on that area. Beware: if the fixative is sprayed too heavily, it dramatically dulls and darkens the vibrancy. Do some quick trial runs spraying the fixative to experiment with the light mist approach.

With these foundations in place, let's get started with pastel drawing.


Specifications: Using the supplied materials create a colorful flower drawing.