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Lecture & Vocabulary

Photography: writing with light.


Camera: a light-tight box containing light sensitive film or sensor that is used to make images. Today's cameras incorporate microprocessors and sophisticated exposure systems; in a sense, the instrument itself mirrors the age, just as the pictures it makes reflect the world in which we live.


Digital: information used by the computer, represented by numbers. The buzzword for any capture device that converts photons to electrons. The use of that information to store, manipulate, transmit or output images in a computer environment. As opposed to analog.


Digital camera: a filmless camera that converts light energy to digital information and stores that information in a buffer or directly onto a removable memory card.


Viewfinder: the viewing screen in an SLR on which composition takes place; viewfinders may also contain various guides to exposure, focus, and flash-readiness. In all senses, the control panel from work is done.


Lens: lenses have two primary functions: one is to focus light with as little distortion or aberration as possible on to film or sensor. The other function is to control the amount of light hitting the film by use of its aperture.


Electronic flash: known as a flash gun, strobe, or speedlight, it consists of a gas-filled tube that is fired by an electrical charge.


Dedicated flash: a flash that coordinates with the camera's exposure, and sometimes focusing systems. Dedicated flashes may, among other things, automatically pick up the loaded film's iso, set the camera shutter speed to x-sync, and "tell" the camera when its ready to fire.


Autofocus: a method of focusing where focusing distances are set automatically. In 35mm slrs, a passive phase detection system that compares contrast and edge of subjects within the confines of the autofocus brackets in the viewfinder and automatically sets focusing distance on the lens. Commonly found in amateur lens/shutter cameras.


Manual: an exposure "mode" where the exposure system recommends a setting that is then made by the photographer by selecting aperture and shutter speeds manually. The booklet one doesn't read before using a piece of equipment.


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