Product Design: Invent A New Product


For this project, you will need to take your creative skills and combined them with your technical drawing skills.

This project will be due next Friday, February 12th.

What you need to do is create a portfolio level drawing of a new product design. Take a look at the examples below and decide what product you would either like to invent or re-design. 

Have Fun!

This product design can be as far-fetched of an idea as possible... Maybe it's a Jet board or a new shoe that can run on water... Remember, have fun with the idea.

This final drawing can be done by hand or digital if you want, but it must be client presentable. It must look good enough to show and convince a possible investor into buying the idea.

When your project is complete, sign in to Schoology and submit the photo of the idea.

Product Design 10.jpg