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Sketchbook Activity

Basic Shading Techniques

Lecture & Vocabulary

Career Tasklist

50.0402 Commercial and Advertising Art
This is an instructional program in the applied visual arts that prepares individuals to use artistic techniques to effectively communicate ideas and information to business and consumer audiences via illustrations and other forms of printed media. This program includes instruction in concept design, layout, paste-up and techniques such as engraving, etching, silkscreen, lithography, offset, drawing and cartooning, painting, collage and computer graphics.

101 - Identify career paths within the vocational profession.
102- List occupational requirements.
103 - Demonstrate research and organizational skills.
104 - Identify how copyright laws apply to Visual Communication.

200 - SAFETY
201- Operate media presentation equipment.
202 - Demonstrate safe practices when using computer hardware and software.
203 - Demonstrate safe practices when using and maintaining hand tools.
204 - Demonstrate safe practices when using, storing, and disposing of paints, solvents, and chemicals.
205 - Demonstrate safe cutting procedures.

301 - Draw objects using linear perspective.
303 - Create line art.

Drawing From Observation:
302 - Draw basic geometric and organic forms showing texture and tone.
305 - Draw from direct observation.
307 - Create value with the use of layering.

304 - Apply anatomy concepts in a drawing.

306 - Produce color illustrations using various media.
401 - Apply the basic structure of color (hue, intensity, saturation) to generate color solutions.
402 - Apply appropriate color schemes to generate design solutions.
403 - Identify and apply additive and subtractive color.


Digital Management: Theory
501 - Demonstrate image scanning procedures.
502 - Identify the properties of vector and raster images.
509 - Demonstrate the use of input, output and storage devices.
510 - Demonstrate the use of the Macintosh operating system.
511 - Demonstrate appropriate use of different file formats.
512 - Organize and manage digital files.


Advertising & Design:
503 - Demonstrate basic use of page layout software (e.g. Quark, InDesign).
504 - Demonstrate the intermediate use of page layout software (e.g. Quark, InDesign).

505 - Demonstrate basic use of a vector-based drawing program (e.g. Illustrator).
506 - Demonstrate the intermediate use of a vector-based drawing program (e.g. Illustrator).

507 - Demonstrate basic use of image editing software (e.g. Photoshop).
508 - Demonstrate the intermediate use of image editing software (e.g. Photoshop).

601 - Research the history of advertising design.
602 - Apply elements and principles of design.
603 - Write a creative brief.
604 - Produce thumbnails, roughs and comprehensive.
605 - Design a logo.
606 - Create an identity package.
608 - Design promotional materials.


Basic Printing:
607 - Demonstrate basic knowledge of printing processes.
609 - Prepare files for output.
610 - Demonstrate knowledge of color separations.
611 - Demonstrate knowledge of printer's marks and measurements.

701 - Identify the anatomy and classification of type.
702 - Identify typographic styles.
703 - Manipulate type through character and paragraph formatting.
704 - Choose and apply appropriate typeface.
801 - Operate digital camera and accessories.
802 - Compose a photograph through the lens.
803 - Demonstrate the use of lighting.
804 - Demonstrate the ability to physically stabilize the camera.
804 - Demonstrate the ability to physically stabilize the camera.
805 - Demonstrate how to download and manipulate digital images.
901 - Prepare a portfolio.
902 - Participate in the interview process.
907 - Prepare a resume and cover letter.
911 - Participate in a mock interview.


Career Prep:
903 - Inventory personal career interests & goals.
904 - Research employment opportunities.
905 - Explore postsecondary institutions & opportunities.
909 - Complete a job or college application.

Presentation Skills:
906 - Deliver an oral presentation.
910 - Prepare and present a 3-5 minute talk on a competency.
908 - Estimate time and materials for a project.
910 - Prepare and present a 3-5 minute talk on a competency.
911 - Participate in a mock interview.

Basic Art Skills:
912 - Demonstrate matting and mounting a work of art.
913 - Participate in critiques.

Industry Research:
914 - Research current industry practices.

Sign-Out Activity

Understanding The Rubric.

Our Program works in a two week (10-day section), in most cases, the 2-week section will start on a Monday and end on the next Friday. We will plan on lecturing for about 20 - 30 minutes on 6 of the days out of the 10. The first Monday will be all about introducing the projects. The Last Friday will be all about finishing & critiquing the projects. There will not be any real lectures on Thursday's because of Senior Seminar and Math. To simplify, you have about 14 - 16 in-class hours to complete the work. Homework will be done on your time.



Grading Rubric Links:


In-Class Project - 200 Points

- Click Here


In-Class Experimental Project - 75 Points
- Click Here


Two Week Homework Assignment - 100 Points

- Click Here


Sketchbook Rubric 50 - Points

- Click Here


Vocabulary Test - 100 Points



Classroom Zoom Hours - 1PM to 1:30 PM - Monday - Thursday

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Office Zoom Hours - 2PM to 2:30 PM - Monday - Thursday

Meeting ID: 977 4308 8893 - Passcode: Viscom


Students must be prepared to make a major commitment. It is our assumption that students entering the program are here to lay a foundation for a career in a design field and will be required to meet rigorous and stringent standards. Strong communication skills, both verbal and written, are required as is the ability to read and analyze. Serious students will find that the program will provide them with an excellent opportunity to develop the skills necessary to succeed in the job market or advance in education. _Most of the students graduating from the program _continue their education.


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