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Section Overview:

This section is all about figure drawing! Throughout the course, you will be drawing a lot of different examples of figures. If you plan on going into post-secondary school, you will be drawing and painting the figure for all four years of the degree. You may just need to do a figure study in a studio class or find yourself doing character development for a book illustration.

Understanding how to draw the figure and the proportions are going to help you be more successful. These lectures will help you understand the 8 headed figure, the proportions of the face, drawing the hands and feet, and foreshortening.

These concepts will help you advance your drawing and illustration skills.

Section Seven - Day 1 - Introduction

Day's 6 & 7

Day's 2 & 3

Day's 8 & 9

Test - Overview Information

Day's 4 & 5

What Is Visual Communications?

Sample Test Question:


When drawing the figure, the easiest way to remember the measurements is...

True or false – the wrist is in line with center line between the top of the head and the feet...

When watching the video, do you think the top part of the face/head drawing is the same size as the bottom half...

The space between the eyes is one eye width...

The hand is just about the same size as the head from chin to top of the head....

When drawing the back of the hand, the most important part is the ____________

When you use the fan shapes to establish the finger length, you need to remember the lines hit at the knuckles...

The circle with the line through it, will help you draw the rest of the foot in all the different...

When you must draw a figure that shows foreshortening, the artist uses the word ___________

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