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When the students reach the third level of advertising design, they will be tested in a more independent style of learning.  The students will be given real assignments in the same form they will be given in their career choice. Advertising’s most consistent form of information is in the form of a creative brief.

Career Tasks:

901 - Prepare and present a portfolio.

902 - Prepare and present a visual concept presentation.

903 - Estimate time and materials for a project.

906 - Participate in critiques of commercial art projects.

907 - Explore current industry trends.

908 - Demonstrate research, employability, and organizational skills.

909 - Create personal branding materials.

910 - Explore the importance of social media as it relates to employability.

Main Assignment

Final Design

Client / Client contact information:
Time Magazine

Illustration to go along with a student drop-outs magazine article

Background / Overview:
It  has been known for many years that young people who don't complete high  school face many more problems in later life than do people who  graduate.  While national leaders have demanded that schools,  communities, and families make a major effort to retain students, the  dropout rate remains high.  A report from the Educational Testing  Service, One-Third of a Nation: Rising Dropout Rates and Declining  Opportunities, warns little is being done to stem rising dropout rates  and their economic costs.

Students drop out for many reasons, some which may even seem like good
ones  at the time — to help out their families or to start new ones, for  example — and their decisions may be supported by the people closest to  them in the
belief that they have no choice.  But the consequences  of leaving can be great, and there are  many concrete things that  schools and families can do to help students stay in school, or get an  alternative education, and also meet their personal responsibilities.

What is the objective, the purpose of the Illustration?
The illustration needs to get the point across that this issues is becoming a serious problem in the united states.

Target Market?
25 to 40 - athletes specifically

Production Information and Job Specs:
The  Illustration should be done in full color and take up the entire space  of the left hand side of a page spread 8.5” x 11” vertical ad.

Think. Plan. Create.

Level 3 - Entrepreneurial:

“Level Three” is considered our “Entrepreneurial Year” Students will focus their efforts on developing a freelance business model.

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