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B - Figure Drawing

Student Objectives:
After completion of the lecture and the class exercises, the students will develop a final figure drawing that shows all the percentages of a greyscale, from 100% white to 100% black, with all of the shapes and lines built up by contrast to a finished drawing of portfolio level.

 Theory Task:
901- Prepare and present a portfolio.
906 - Participate in critiques of commercial art projects. 

Skill Task:
304 - Apply anatomy concepts in drawing.
306 - Produce illustrations using various media.
307 - Illustrate using value.

Main Assignment


Final Design

Even though gesture drawings tend to have a more sketch like quality they still give an excellent opportunity for you to use one or two of these drawing in your portfolio.

Final Design

Urban decay
Urban decay photography is the technique of photographing abandoned and rundown buildings. In many cases the buildings haven't been abandoned for more than a few years. Often illegal, photographers of abandoned buildings typically bypass “no trespassing” signs to capture these spectacular shots.

Think. Plan. Create.

Level 2 - Portfolio:

“Level Two” is considered our “Portfolio Year” Students will implement what they have learned in "Level One" and work on real-world projects.

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