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Level 1 - Foundation Year:

“Level One” is considered our “Foundation Year” Students will incorporate a broad spectrum of disciplines integrating art, technology, and academics.

K - Adobe Premiere Rush

Student Objectives:
After completion of the lecture and the class exercises, the students will develop a 30 second video that demonstrates basic editing procedures, which include managing media, color, sound and transitions, to an industry level of portfolio.

801 - Operate digital camera and accessories.
802 - Compose a photograph through the lens.
803 - Differentiate lighting options and their effects.
804 - Stabilize camera.
805 - Download and manage digital images.
906 - Participate in critiques of commercial art projects.
907 - Explore current industry trends.

Main Assignment

Final Design

Main Assignment:
30 Second Restaurant Commercial

Client / Project / Background / Overview:
Eddison Management Inc. has purchased another trendy restaurant, the problem is, for legal reason, they need to rebrand the restaurant and logo design. The establishment menu, interior and staff will not be changing. The client has included all of the materials and footage to complete a new commercial. The client has also asked that you change the sign on front of the restaurant and provide new artwork for the blank table tent. Of course, the new artwork will also be needed for the into and final slide.

Target Market?
21 to 45 Professionals - Trendy

Additional info & insights:
The commercial needs to keep up with the trendy style of marketing that has been used in the past. Try and make good use of the audio track to connect the image changes as they move on and off the frame.

Production Information and Job Specs:
Software – Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop & Premiere Rush
Frame size is 1920 x1080 pixels
Time – 30 Seconds

Final Design

The Visual Communications Program has a heavy focus on the traditional drawing, although drawing techniques are discussed and reviewed in class, the majority of class time needs to be used learning software applications and tools that are not readably available at the student home. In most cases colleges still expect to see a minimum of 8 to 10 traditional drawing pieces. Also a final study completed in traditional drawing could takes as long as 8 to 15 hours if not even longer depending on the subject matter and size.

Think. Plan. Create.

Visual Communications

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