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G - Figure Drawing

Student Objectives:

Provided with multiple lectures, examples, study guides, guided practices, and student resources, the students will develop a final figure drawing that shows all the percentages of a greyscale, from 100% white to 100% black, with all of the shapes and lines built up by contrast to a finished drawing of portfolio level.

Theory Task:
901- Prepare and present a portfolio.
906 - Participate in critiques of commercial art projects.

Skill Task:
304 - Apply anatomy concepts in drawing.
306 - Produce illustrations using various media.
307 - Illustrate using value.

Final Design:

Basic Figure Drawing

The human figure is likely the most complex form studied by visual artists. One of the reasons why it’s so challenging to study is because the human figure is essentially a single form that can be continually subdivided into many smaller forms, making for an extraordinarily complex system.

Concept & Planning:

Sketchbook Activity #1:

Drawing The Mouth
Learn how to draw a mouth with these easy to follow guides that will help you to accomplish a drawing that you really like.

Instructions: In your sketchbook, try doing a few different simple mouth drawings.

Sketchbook Activity #2:

Drawing The Ear
Start drawing as before and keep all parts of the ear within the disk shape. The ears follow the angle of the head and are usually close to it. The tops of the ears line up with the eyebrows; the bottoms line up with the base of the nose.

Instructions: In your sketchbook, try doing a few different simple Ear drawings.

Have some extra time, wasn't feeling the homework, bombed the test?

Click the link below for the exploratory option.

Complete The Following For Credit!

Career Focus & Class Lectures #2:

The creative industry includes everything from advertising and film to games development and graphic design. So why don't some people see a job in the creative industry as a serious career?

Vocabulary & Class Lectures #1:

The following are art & design vocabulary terms that are important for you to know and understand as you continue your education here in the Visual Communications program.

Present concepts, ideas and plans for all three assignments

Complete The Following For Credit!


Foundation Year  - Level One




Final Design:

Drawing from direct observation is also referred to as drawing from life. In this type of practice, the artist uses his/her medium of preference to draw a subject by observing it in real life as opposed to using a photograph as reference.

It's important to note that the subject can be anything the artist chooses, whether it's an arrangement of objects, the human figure, a landscape, animals or anything else that can be observed first-handedly.

Tips, Tricks & Tutorials:

Think. Plan. Create.

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