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B - Basic Photography

Student Objectives:
Provided with multiple lectures, examples, study guides, guided practices, and student resources, the students will be able to set up and complete a studio photo shoot with little or no assistance, as documented in their portfolio.

901 Prepare and present a portfolio.
906 Participate in critiques of commercial art projects.

Theory Tasks:
801 Operate digital camera and accessories.
802 Compose a photograph through the lens.
803 Differentiate lighting options and their effects.
804 Stabilize camera.
805 Download and manage digital images.
905 Matte and mount works of art.

Final Design:

Basic Photography
Complete the final "Portfolio" design, this should be done to the highest level of completion.

After you have taken the final photo, go into Photoshop and change the color photo to black and white... these two photos will be your final graded project!

Concept & Planning:

Sketchbook Activity #1:

Line - Contour
Line - Contour - A contour line defines the outline of a form, as well as interior structure, without the use of shading. A fundamental basis of drawing, contour lines are usually the first technique children adopt to draw people, houses, and trees.

Instructions: In your sketchbook, draw the image of the boy in line only, but try to figure out how to show different plains of the face and how it curves.

Sketchbook Activity #2:

Line - Gestural
Line - Gestural - The use of gesture line allows the artist to capture a subject's movement, form, and character. ... A gesture drawing, regardless of subject, portrays that essential form, position in space, and/ or movement of the subject absent of surface detail.

Instructions: In your sketchbook, use the picture of the dancer and draw a fun expressive line drawing that would start to give the feeling of movement.

Have some extra time, wasn't feeling the homework, bombed the test?

Click the link below for the exploratory option.

Complete The Following For Credit!

Career Focus & Class Lectures #2:

The creative industry includes everything from advertising and film to games development and graphic design. So why don't some people see a job in the creative industry as a serious career?

Vocabulary & Class Lectures #1:

The following are art & design vocabulary terms that are important for you to know and understand as you continue your education here in the Visual Communications program.

Present concepts, ideas and plans for all three assignments

Complete The Following For Credit!


Foundation Year  - Level One




Final Design:

What Scares You - Illustration
What scares me is what scares you. We're all afraid of the same things. That's why horror is such a powerful genre. All you have to do is ask yourself what frightens you and you'll know what frightens me.

Tips, Tricks & Tutorials:

Think. Plan. Create.

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