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Level One  - Foundation Year.

A - Orientation

Basic Drawing Skills, Class Rules & Concepts…
It’s All The Rage!

B - Basic Photography

Photography. Let’s Start With The Basics…
It’s All About Exposure!

C - Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator. The OG Of Graphic Design…
Vector, Not Just A Great Name For A Super Hero!

D - 1Pt Perspective

1 Point, 2 Point, 3 Point Go!…
Narrow Your Focus For Success!

E - Studio Photography

Studio Photography… Lights Camera Action
Say Cheese Bra!

F - Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop. The Digital World Is Yours.
You Will never Believe Another Photo… Trust Me!

G - Figure Drawing

Figure Drawing Starts With The Head…
Well, 8 Of Them Actually!

H - Product Photo/Video

Product Photography. The Bread & Butter Of Social Media Marketing.
See What I Did There?

I - Adobe InDesign

Adobe Indesign. Multiple Options For Multiple Pages.
Just Make Sure Your Files Are Safe!

J - Book Illustration

Book Illustration. Tell A Story, Illustrate A Poem, Find Your Inner Child.

K - Adobe Premiere Rush

Adobe Premiere Rush. Let's Edit!

L - Adobe Animate

Adobe Animate. Yup One Frame At A Time?