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Fine Arts:

When the students reach the third level of fine arts, they will be tested in a more independent style of learning.  The students will be given real assignments in the same form they will given in there career choice. Art & Design most likely consistent of information in the form of a creative brief. (See Below)

Career Tasks:

901 - Prepare and present a portfolio.

902 - Prepare and present a visual concept presentation.

903 - Estimate time and materials for a project.

906 - Participate in critiques of commercial art projects.

907 - Explore current industry trends.

908 - Demonstrate research, employability, and organizational skills.

909 - Create personal branding materials.

910 - Explore the importance of social media as it relates to employability.

G - Poverty Line

Project Name:
The Poverty Line

Client / Client contact information:
LA Times

Why the federal poverty line doesn’t begin to tell the story of poverty in the U.S.

Background / Overview:
Recently  released Census Bureau data show that more than 37 million people in  America lived at or below the federal poverty line in 2020. That’s 11.4%  of the population, and a full percentage point higher than what it was  in 2019.

What is the objective, the purpose of the art piece?
The  federal poverty line needs to be adjusted to reflect reality — and be  based on the actual costs of housing, food, childcare, healthcare,  transportation and other necessities of daily life in various regions of  the United States.

What do we want to say?
Jobs with low  wages, unreliable hours and a lack of benefits have come to dominate the  U.S. economic landscape for workers and their families. The pandemic  compounded this problem for low-wage workers whose work cannot be done  remotely. In 2020, nearly 8 million low-wage workers lost their jobs,  while others, such as those in meatpacking industries, were declared  “essential” and forced to work in unsafe conditions.

Target Market?
Anyone who will listen

Additional info & insights:
According  to available census data, roughly 51% of workers earn less than $35,000  per year, which is only slightly above the federal poverty line for a  family of four — and less than they need to be able to afford a modest  two-bedroom apartment. A recent survey found that, on average, a modest  two-bedroom apartment at the national average fair market rent of $1,061  required an hourly wage of $20.40. This is an annual salary of $42,432.

Production Information and Job Specs:
Final  Design is up to you, remember you are completing an installment piece  that will be displayed in various exhibit halls & public spaces.

Think. Plan. Create... One Portfolio Piece At A Time.

Career Focus - Illustration

Tips, Tricks & Tutorials:

Visual Communications

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