Provided with a lecture, examples and a guided practice, the students will be able to demonstrate an understanding of drawing in 1PT & 2PT perspective by producing a completed drawing, that accurately defines a vanishing point in the portfolio level drawing.

Figure Drawing
Traditional 2/4

MP 1 - Level 2 - Basic Anatomy

Project Overview:

Second Year Students:

A person in history redesign - Full Figure - In today's world through gaming and the movies we tend to see a redesign of famous people in history, if you could change George Washington into a badass, what would he look like? That's your challenge in this project but the illustration must be a full figure drawing!

1. Horizontal or Vertical Layout with the supplied paper
2. Students will complete 2 figure drawing studies before starting the final drawing
3. Images must show depth of the environment they are sitting in - room, studio, outside, etc.
5. Final drawing may be completed in pencil, colored pencil or charcoal.

Project goals:
1. Full value scale  - light to dark shades of color
2. Create interest for the eye
3. Do something that interests you
4. Portfolio Piece


Classwork Progression:
Full Figure Worksheet.png

Day 1 & 2:

Students will view the drawing lecture & video and then complete the figure drawing worksheet.

Gester Drawings.png

Day 3 & 4:

Students will complete 15 Gesture - stick to figure structural drawings for the concept practice. Students should develop as many different angles and views as the can think of... front, side, moving, jumping., sitting standing... etc.

Character Worksheet.png

Day 5 & 6:

Students will complete the character worksheet and explain their character idea and complete 3 different sketches of the final idea before completing the final drawing.

Day 6 - 10:

Students will complete a portfolio level final drawing of the character they designed. The work should well be shaded to the students highest potential.

A Central Montco Technical High School Program!