Students must be prepared to make a major commitment. It is our assumption that students entering the program are here to lay a foundation for a career in a design field and will be required to meet rigorous and stringent standards. Strong communication skills, both verbal and written, are required as is the ability to read and analyze. Serious students will find that the program will provide them with an excellent opportunity to develop the skills necessary to succeed in the job market or advance in education. _Most of the students graduating from the program _continue their education.

Steve Bross

Commercial Art Instructor


Central Montco Technical High School

821 Plymouth Road

Plymouth Meeting, PA 19462



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Rotation #1: Marking Period #1

Year One:

Year Two:

Year Three:

Basic Drawing Tools – Hours: 20
Traditional 1/1 – Basic Drawing


Section Name:
Basic Traditional Tools - Grid Design

As children, we generally learn how to copy from photos, but as we make our way into college our subjects become more dimensional. Understanding how to use all the basic tools and learning how to measure will support your overall career goals.

Student Objectives:

After completion of the lecture and the class exercises, the students will develop a grid drawing that shows full understanding of basic measurements, produce greyscale, from 100% white to 100% black, with all of the shapes and lines built up by contrast to a finished a geometric drawing of portfolio level.


Theory Tasks:

1101 - Identify career paths and occupational requirements within the profession.

2103 - Demonstrate research, employability, and organizational skills.

3906 - Participate in critiques of commercial art projects. 

4203 - Use and maintain hand tools safely.

5204 - Use, store, and dispose of paints, solvents, and chemicals according to OSHA regulations.

6205 - Practice safe cutting procedures.

7206 - Practice knowledge of hazard communication law/environmental protection to include SDS.


Skill Task:

1303- Draw line art.

2906- Participate in critiques of commercial art projects. 

3901- Prepare and present a portfolio.

Exploratory Project:

Abstract - Paint

Photography/Video – Hours: 20
Photography 2/1 – Fashion


Student Name:
Advanced Photography - Fashion Shoot White Background

Students will be introduced to the concepts of SLR camera operations and the use of the composition in Photography.

Student Objectives:
By June, the Visual Communications students, along with lectures, guided practices, multiple projects and various technique examples, the students will be able to set up and complete a studio photo shoot with little or no assistance, as documented in their portfolio.



1901 Prepare and present a portfolio.

2906 Participate in critiques of commercial art projects. 

Theory Tasks:

1801 Operate digital camera and accessories.

2802 Compose a photograph through the lens.

3803 Differentiate lighting options and their effects.

4804 Stabilize camera.

5805 Download and manage digital images.

6905 Matte and mount works of art.


Exploratory Project:


Adobe Illustrator – Hours: 20
Adobe 3/1 – Restaurant


Student Goals:
Introduce students the basic computer drawing skills

Adobe Illustrator is one of three software pieces every designer must know how to use.

Student Objectives:

Adobe Illustrator
Provided with multiple lectures, examples, study guides, guided practices and student resources, the students will be able to demonstrate an understanding of computer design software (vector image artwork - Adobe Illustrator) by producing a completed digital photo manipulation project that shows the use of 8 or more tools. (i.e.; type tool, path tool, clone tool, etc.)


PA504 - Demonstrate intermediate use of page layout software.
PA505 - Demonstrate basic use of a vector-based drawing program.
PA506 - Demonstrate intermediate use of a vector-based drawing program.



1901 - Prepare and present a portfolio.

2906 -  Participate in critiques of commercial art projects. 


Skill Task:

1505 - Utilize basic functions of a vector-based drawing program.

2506- Utilize intermediate functions of a vector-based drawing program.



Exploratory Project:

Oil Pastels

Sketchbook Activities:


Day 1: Drawing The Figure

Stick To Figure


Day 2: Art History

Stone Age 30,000 b.c.- 2500 b.c.


Day 3: Drawing & Sketching

The Basic Shapes


Day 4: Design & Layout

ABC Design Concept


Day 5: Creative Writing

Bad Hair Makeover


Day 6: Art Movements

 Impressionism - Circa 1870

Basic Art Terms:

Basic Art Terms


Understanding Value:

Overview: - What is value and why is it so important?


What is like to be an art student:

Overview: - This is not a career that you choose, its a career that chooses you!


Art vs Design:

Overview: - What is the difference between art and design


Understanding Medium:

Overview: - What is the medium and mixed medium art


Understanding Life Drawing Vs Still Life:

Both of these types of drawings are very important to your learning progression and portfolio's.

Section One - Vocabualary Test:
Career Research:

101 - Identify career paths within the vocational profession. 102 - List occupational requirements. 103 - Demonstrate research and organizational skills. 103 - Identify how copyright laws apply to visual and digital communication.

43-9031.00 - Desktop Publishers - Graphic Designers

Format typescript and graphic elements using computer software to produce publication-ready material.


Sample of reported job titles: Advertising Associate, Art Director, Computer Typesetter, Creative Director, Desktop Publishing Specialist, Electronic Console Display Operator, Electronic Imager, Graphic Artist, Mac Operator, Production Manager.


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