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Marking Period 1

A - Figure Development

The Doctors office has a space of 20 feet wide and 10 feet high they want to have an illustration of figures in motion but they do not want it to be any one sport specific. They just want it to be figures in action positions that show speed flexibility and activity.

B - Time Magazine

It has been known for many years that young people who don't complete high school face many more problems in later life than do people who graduate. 

C - Marvel Comics

The Brooklyn Brawler is an underground character that comes out at night to protect the innocent, although he does a good thing for the city of Brooklyn he’s wanted by the police for the murder of mayor 15 years ago in which he was framed.

Marking Period 2

D - Pop Culture 

This is the first magazine that the client is planning to launch, the magazine deals with all aspects of pop culture and would like a photo illustration collage for the cover. The idea is to have just a massive image with everything that is pop culture.

E - Science Textbook

Illustration of a realistic animal, insect or fish - this is not a cartoon this illustration is designed to be a specific replication of the animal for a scientific textbook.

F - Rolling Stone

This illustration that goes along with the idea of closing the art and music programs in the school that is powered by the government

Marking Period 3

G - Game Works

This illustration is a difficult one that will require a lot of research on your part. The project is to develop a
landscape design for what you think the world will
look like in the year 3020.

H - Pegasus Movie

This illustration will be used as the starting point for the animation teams to begin creating the drawings for the movie. They are looking for a realistic approach.

I - People Magazine

This illustration can be done however you choose to do the artwork, but remember that you need to pick someone that everyone can recognize, pick an easily identifiable character.

Marking Period 4

J - Art Museum

In order for your figure to be approved for the show your painting must show evidence of a figure model, be done in a wet media format, and a 75% of the figure in the artwork.

Level 3 - Entrepreneurial:

“Level Three” is considered our “Entrepreneurial Year” Students will focus their efforts on developing a freelance business model.

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