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Marking Period 1

A - Night Club

The Style of the club is designed for the dance and party crowd. The type of music will generally be dance and house music. This is a 21 and-over crowd, not a college scene bar,  upper-class professionals

B - New Mac Computer

The “Archimedes 2100”  is Mac’s newest and fastest line of computers. This is the most high-end computer on the market today.

C - Concept Car

The new Peugeot 907 is the new 2-seater coupe that is geared to the high-end user with a price of $72,000 to start.

Marking Period 2

D - Tylenol Flu

Too many people feel that when the flu  hits you need to lose the day and stay in bed, we want to break this  mold by putting people back into their everyday plans

E - Sandals Resort

Each and every Sandals Resort has been designed to fulfill and exceed every need and wish that a couple could ever possibly have. At Sandals some of the most gorgeous and exotic  islands in the world

F - New Magazine is looking for a new start-up magazine to add to its collection of 35 published magazines.

Marking Period 3

G - Product Launch

Grandma’s Spices are looking for a  branding identity style that will show off the packaging design for three of its product lines.

H - Rachel Ray 

This product is designed with the home kitchen in mind... for those who tend to take home cooking to a new level

I - Game Show

The player could be dropped on to an island with angry natives and he/she must get off the island or drop into a shipwreck

Marking Period 4

J - Dickies - Casual Wear

There is an event/trade show and we need to come up with a look for the trade show - budget is unlimited - need to promote casual ware.

K - New Music Group

This project has been created for that moment when you hear or phrase and say… Wow, that would be a great band name!

L - Candy Bar Design

here's your chance - design and market your own candy bar idea.

Level 3 - Entrepreneurial:

“Level Three” is considered our “Entrepreneurial Year” Students will focus their efforts on developing a freelance business model.

Visual Communications

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